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Easy Fruit Salad

   Salads,Snacks   July 5, 2018  No Comments

  Fruit salads may be the simplest salads to make but for some reason, most of us end up making the same old bland avocado, banana, watermelon bowl. It’s a common thing everywhere. Zero effort. Zero thoughts. Just three ‘common’ fruits diced up, thrown in a bowl…BAM!!! Mediocrity. Why? We…

Fresh garden salad

   Salads   July 3, 2018  No Comments

This salad…I LOVE!!! Why? Because it is so simple, so fresh and so delicious. I know, many people think that all salads are the same. They are not. Every salad has it’s own personality. It’s like a litter of new born puppies. And this, thus is the energetic, jumpy one…

Crunchy Spinach and Apple Salad.

   Salads   July 2, 2018  No Comments

  I love salads. The crunch, the textures, the flavors. Everything about salads is to die for. And truth is, salads are extremely easy to make especially if you get the basics right. Fresh produce is key. But apart from that, what really brings your salad alive is the dressing….