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Matumbo at Awagas


Matumbo at Awagas

Those who know me know that Matumbo (Tripe) is one of my favorite organ meat meals. That’s on right over there at the number two spot right after a good mutura. Which is quite rare to find nowadays thanks to all the broiler chicken farming which has in turn led to the demise of mutura and the cropping up of shingo, maini and gizzard street joints. A shame really. Mutura is the thread that has held the fabric of this nation together over decades. I digress.

Yes. Yes. I know steak is good but have you ever had a good matumbo that was not chewy, with just the right bight to it, perfect ‘Pilo’ kwa umbali, a nice serving of ugali and a choice of your favorite vegetable from cabbage to managu.

Located at Lunar park Nairobi just next to the swing play area, sits a very nice traditional foods restaurant called Rehns but fondly referred to as Awagas after the owner one Martin Awaga. Very nice fellow who will most probably approach your table and ask if you are indeed enjoying your meal. That alone does it for me.

Since Matumbo is an all-time favorite, I love it made in a particular way. Not too overdone that it’s extremely soft, and not to underdone that it’s still touch and chewy. Just at the right point. Where you can feel the textures and the flavors of the ‘towel’ as you savor the meal. However, there are two types of matumbo here. There is kawaida and Matumbo special. The latter is an all-time favorite.

Service can be a little slow during lunch hour because of the high number of people who frequent the joint. And it’s okay really because Awagas is the kind of joint that you go to with a crowd of friends or colleagues. So, waiting kidogo is never really an issue. The numbers at lunch hour speaks volumes about their food. Plus, as a general rule of thumb when eating out, if a joint is empty around lunch hour or if your food arrives in less than 5 minutes, it’s likely not fresh.

The crew is lively and after two or three visits, you are bound to bump into a few people that you know. What I really love though is their prices and portions. A good serving of ugali (Not those moulded into a small ball ugali portion jokes), matumbo special and a side of managu with an ice cold soda or a tall glass of Maziwa mala will cost you between 400 and 450 bob.  Which is extremely good if you ask me. So next time you want to have lunch, head over to Awagas. You will not be disappointed.

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