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Mix Platter at Kilimanjaro Jamia

There’s that thing about eating to live, sijui living to eat or something. That one. I am one of those. Siko sure ni gani exactly but mimi napenda food. Especially if it’s spicy, well made and served in huuuuuuge portions. This is probably the reason why I frequent the same old eateries time after time. Portions hugely dictate kama narudi mahali ama zii.

So last week, I was hooking up with some friends and since ilikuwa ma jioni and I had not eaten a single thing, I decided that early dinner inaweza kuwa freshi sana. One of them wanted cake sijui ya Java. At 5 Pm. Mimi nikajua hiyo mchezo sifanyi. I needed to eat. So I tagged them along mpaka Kilimanjaro. Now, Kilimanjaro is a Somali Restaurant in Nairobi. Located right in the middle of town at the end of Kimathi street (Side ya Jamia Mall/Revlon Plaza). Hapo next na Total, Kilimanjaro iko hapo in some building upstairs.

So this is one thing you need to know about this place. It gets extremely busy so service may be a little slow at times. But it’s also understandable because it’s totally worth it. Plus, it’s only a few minutes and the waiters are usually quite cheerful during service. Also, in the evenings it can tend to be quite noisy with all the chatter from different tables. But that’s what I love about it. It’s a proper non-pretentious restaurant where proper food is served and people come to eat, talk and have a good time.

Anyway, so time ya dishi ikafika. There’s this thing I’ve seen one two times and I really wanted to try it. It’s a platter of sorts. It’s portions served on one big sinia. Unachagua zile vitu unataka kuwekewa.

So yetu nikasema iwekwe, Dailo: Young goat meat that has been boiled until tender then baked, Pilau, Biryani ya kuku, Naan (Very important ya kupanguza ile rojo la biryani kutoka kwa sinia) Hehe. Don’t give me that look. That’s the best part wallahy and pan fry nyama ya ng’ombe.

This is what we got. BOSS!!!

I’ll tell you for free, that food is not for the faint hearted. Hiyo sinia hukuwa kubwa vi ajab. Kitu unashiba freshi. We sat and dug in. The food is exceptionally good. Alafu lazma after kama 5 minutes una spin sinia ndio uonje side zote.

There’s really not much to say about this meal apart from that you really should try it.

But here is the thing, food ni poa but bei? I mean, uchumi ime kaa mbaya. Bei ni kila kitu. So for this platter the price ranges with what you order but for this particular one, ilikuwa 1,800. 1,800 for a platter that comfortably feeds 5 people is a very good deal oin this economy. Think about it. Hiyo ni kama 400 per person. For real food.

Tulikula tuka shiba mpaka it had to be packed. No. This is not even a joke. Haha. It’s that much. Ni food mnaeza kula watu 5 very comfortably na mshibe. If you ask me, that’s absolute value for money. Waiting staff wa pale are also very helpful in case haujui kitu uta kula, anaeza ku advice vile uta changanya platter. Major shout out to the waiter who served us on that day Anthony.  That was exceptional service from you. Top lad!

So yeah, next time mko tao na mna taka kuji bonda freshi… Especially before the dunda na hamjui kile mtakula, ingieni hapa. Feel free to thank me later.

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