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Product Review: YOs Kitchen


The first time I heard about this particular condiment product line was quite the coincidence. I was scrolling the Twitter timeline when I stumbled on a tweet about someone who had made wine from bananas. I know. I was maaaad interested. Lol. Before you judge me, I come from a community that only believes in eating food drowned in tonnes of water masquerading as soup and bananas in a mixture called matoke. So yes. Bananas as a drink, albeit an alcoholic one was something that had to interest me. I digress. So I ask about this particular place where this wine is made and susprise…they make condiments too.

So I place a request and it’s delivered in 2 days. Impressive.  So, what I particularly got delivered were the Hot Mango Chutney, Kachumbari mild salsa, mixed ginger and garlic paste.


This was my absolute favorite!! Starts of sweet and tangy and slowly develops to this interesting spicy flavor on the taste buds. I love my condiments super spicy but this one impressed me. What I really loved about it though was how it does not have a weird after taste that lives you with that ‘oniony’  kachumbari breathe after lunch. For people who love their nyama, this is a must have. Pairs extremely well especially with nyama choma, dry fry and tumbukiza.

Pricing: The pricing also had me quite drawn. 300 bob for a 350 gram jar. Very well priced I must say.


You know that person that you have never met but you somehow love them though you have no idea why you love them or if you should even be loving them in the first place? But you still go ahead and do it either way and when you finally meet them they are absolutely fascinating?  Yeup! That is this Mango salsa. Sweet, spicy and quite flavorful. I got to try it with a few items and found that it goes quite well with fish. Also, when snacking, use it as a condiment on your homemade hotdogs. You will love it.

Pricing: This product is also quite well priced. 350 bob for a 350 gram jar.


Ginger & Garlic Paste:

Long day, you get home tired, you need to cook but oh!!! Nani anaanza ku peel garlic sasa? Then the mincing and pounding. It’s 9 Pm, the whole building block is quiet apart from you and your ‘THUD’ ‘THUD’ trying to pound garlic. Smh. That’s one of the reasons why I actually loved these pastes. Very convenient, preserve really well and a teaspoon goes a very long way. Would highly recommend if you are the kind who likes having things a little bit easier either because you are extremely busy or just a little bit lazy. No harm in that.

Pricing: This product is also quite well priced given the price of Ginger and garlic at your local grocery kibanda. 230 bob for 150 grams jar. I’ll definitely be ordering more very soon.

So, here was the hardest trickiest bit. What’s a product review without shelf life? Nothing. It’s highly recommended that you refrigerate these items after opening. I did exactly that and just when they were about to run out, I had about a tablespoon left in each jar. I let that sit in the fridge just to see how long it would take before it started developing molds.

Took me a solid 3 months which was quite good. So i’d give it about 3-4 months refrigerated which is extremely impressive. And trust me, you will run out of them before that gets there. So yes. I will definitely be ordering these products again.

You can order them from the online store here or visit shop at the Shell Station opp Coptic hosp.


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