Sausage and Avocado Sandwich

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Sausage and Avocado Sandwich

   Breakfast   June 14, 2018  7 Comments


Sandwiches are great. I mean, fresh bread is good but throw in two, three items in between and bam!! You have this amazing slice of heaven. Unfortunately, most people miss out because we assume that a great sandwich must be complicated and expensive to make. And nothing could be further from the truth. Here’s a really simple yet delicious sandwich.


4 slices of bread.

1 Avocado

1 big onion

1 big tomato sliced. Ripe but firm.

Sausages/Smokies (Either or)

2 Eggs

Margarine or butter



Spread your slices with either margarine or butter on one side and place them ‘buttered’ side down on a pan on medium low heat. If you have a grill pan, well and good. If not, any pan will work. Toast for about 5 minutes until either light golden brown or dark. Remove and set aside.

Add some oil into the pan and fry your sausages or lightly warm your smokies until well browned. Remove and set aside.

Half your onions and slice them lengthwise. Add to the pan and stir until well separated. Push the onions to the side of the pan and pile them on one edge and let them sweat slowly until soft and light brown. As this is happening, Crack two eggs into a bowl, whisk and slowly pour it into the empty part of the pan (This is how I save time on it). Make sure you don’t mix the eggs and the onions.

Once your onions start softening, start layering the sandwich. Slice of toasted bread, half of the cooked egg, sliced tomato, sliced avocado, slice the sausages/smokies into half lengthwise and spread next, then finally spread your onions. Top slice.


Side note: In this recipe, avocados act as a mayonnaise spread substitute which makes the sandwich super creamy. Also, you can increase the onions. Sandwiches taste muuuuch better with lots of onions.

What I really like about this sandwich however is that it is super easy and super cheap to make. Everything can basically be found at your ‘mtaani’ shops. However, the flavor notes will sure blow you away. Also, It’s very easy to pack for light lunches as it has no spread that would make it soggy and messy.

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